Summer break

I’ve been slowly making plans for Death School and also taking a break from social media. The quiet has been nice. I mean, it hasn’t actually been quiet — there are creatures living all around me, making all sorts of noises, plus devices and appliances and weather. There are all the thoughts — sometimes they seem very noisy, sometimes so quiet I’m not sure they’re there. There are jobs and other obligations, and travel — I spent the last week of June in mountains in Washington, then came home for a night and left the next morning for a few days in bigger mountains in California. I’m home now but leaving soon to visit a good friend who lives far away. It hasn’t really been quiet at all, but knowing that I don’t have to be commenting online on what’s happening creates a kind of calm, sometimes.

One thing I’m thinking about for Death School is a death concierge service. People could use the service to find out about nearby death-related resources. This would be a necessarily local (to a specific city) service; “How to Die in Eugene, Oregon” (or anyplace). I think most people don’t really know what’s available around them to help them plan for and think about dying. I like the idea of amassing a list of these resources for different cities and helping people find the ones that seem most useful for their ideas about their own lives and deaths. This is something I’d like to work on during the rest of the summer and fall.

I’m also planning a trip to Providence to host a Death School gathering in late fall or early winter.

I know I’m moving very slowly with Death School, and I’m sometimes self-conscious about how slowly I’m going. I want to make a lot of things happen right away, but I also want Death School to be something I can sustain for the rest of my life. I don’t want to rush it — Death School or my life.